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Camiguin: A quick Journey to The Island Born of Fire

Far from the Cities where traffic and other noise pollution rampant, Camiguin Island is one of the best places to just chill out and to unwind from your typical day job or other things that you’re into. The island is known for it’s wonderful and amazing natural tourist attractions with the like of Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Mantigue Island, St. Niño Cold Spring Tuasan Falls etc. and for its well preserved historical sites such as the ruins of the Old Catarman Church, Sunken Cemetery is just one of the few names.

Old Catarman Church Ruins


Camiguin was derived from Kamagong which is a local term for a species of ebony tree that grows on a certain area in Mindanao. Spanish geographical books spell it as Camiguing then later dropped the final g which today s now Camiguin.

Camiguin from Mantigue Island’s View


Sunken Cemetery


St. Niño Cold Spring


White Island with Mt. Hibok Hibok


Tuasan Falls

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