Siargao, A Surfer’s Paradise

Cloud 9, the name speaks for itself, it’s the feeling you get when you’re in a perfect state of happiness or when you start crashing with waves. This place is famous for surfers and tourist, it offers a couple of good Restaurants, Cafes, Souvenir Shop, and Surf Shops.

Entrance to Cloud 9

Arriving in Cloud 9 you’ll notice a couple Surf Shop and Restaurants and a small pathway leading to the boardwalk. Local surfers who work for the surf shops will come up and ask if you’re up for surfing, it cost 500 pesos ($10) each per hour, it comes with a trainer, surfboard, and basic surfing lessons. It only took us 5-8 minutes of the lesson, most of the time was spent in the ocean.

Surf Shop
Souvenir Shop

 We were all newbies, so it took us a few falls before getting up and starts on enjoying the waves, our trainer was there to guide and help us spot on which waves to ride, for the visitors who don’t know how to swim, don’t you worry the tide is only 3-4 feet, you can just walk your way back to your board, for the pros and people who tried surfing before and want a little more excitement, massive waves are waiting for you just a few meters away.

Cottage Boardwalk
There’s a lot of ways to enter the ocean, the stair is not an option.

You might get terrified to stand up on your first try or fall instantly, but just keep on trying until you’ll be able to stand up. After a few falls and gulp of the sea water, you’ll be able to stand up on your board and start riding the magnificent waves. Time flies when you’re having fun so make sure you’ll come back the next day. We only have an hour because we other plans, but it was a wonderful experience and for everyone who’s planning on visiting Siargao make sure to put this on your list.

Surfie Time!
Surf’s Up!

Till next time, Cloud 9.

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