A review of Miguel’s Taqueria in Siargao

Front Store

A small corner located in front of the gym offers a good comfort food, Miguel’s Taqueria y Cerveza offers the best Mexican food on the island. Their famous tacos and burritos should be part of your to try list if ever you’ll planning on doing a food trip.

Who doesn’t?
Mexican Trinity

Their prices are affordable, for 100 pesos ($2) you can get their mouthwatering tacos or burritos. You can choose from fish, beef, chicken or veggie, it all tastes great. They have two sauces you can put, spicy with a little hint of sweetness or a tangy and salty sauce, I prefer the spicy sauce.

Chibog Time!
Pour that good sauce!

After eating those meaty and delightful meals you can wash it down with iced tea for 40 pesos ($.80), a good bottle of a local beer 50 pesos ($1.00) or just a plain water 30 pesos ($.60), either way, you’ll get full unless you’re famished.

I think his name is Juan.

It’s not a fancy place to eat or the best food in Siargao but it’s a definite must try, and vibes are cool in this area, a simple and quiet place that you and your company can share a good food with large servings at an affordable price and a fine conversation. Check this place out if you’re ever in town, it won’t disappoint you.

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