A Quick Getaway to Paradise: 3D2N Itinerary in Siargao

Siargao is a remarkable island, this is the place for all the beach and nature lovers. If you’re planning a quick weekend getaway with your friends and colleagues and you’re on a budget, this article is for you. We arrived at 8:00 am in the Port of Dapa, we hired a tricycle and went directly to our resort. It took us 40 minutes to get to our resort located in General Luna.

Port of Dapa

Day 1
We stayed at Jadestar Lodge and Beach Resort, they were so kind to let us checked in early without paying any fees. The resort has a small kitchen we can use, for 200 pesos you can cook whatever you want. We went to the market to get some produce and the freshest fish you can find.


After lunch, we decided to go to Cloud 9 to try surfing but unfortunately, it was low tide and the surfers who work there told us to go back the next day, so we decided to go for a food trip instead and hit up Miguel’s Taqueria and Aventino’s Pizza, then we head back to our resort and decided to take a dip. We didn’t have that much to do during our first day but it was nice to get some good rest after hours of traveling.

Cloud 9
At Miguel’s Taqueria
Pizza, Football, and Beach. It’s not that bad.
He prepared for this. Click the picture to buy this snorkeling mask.
On our way to Surf!

Day 2
We went back to Cloud 9 the next day and tried surfing click here for more information about Cloud 9.

The tide is back

After surfing, we headed back and prepare for the island tour. We packed some food that we’re going to cook for lunch and headed to the boat.

1st stop: NAKED ISLAND

Crystal Water
Into the sea
Anakin Skywalker’s nightmare

It’s just a white sand island surrounded by the bluest sea water, there’s not much to it, and it’s literally naked. If you want to make your trip on this island more exciting bring some ball and play beach football or volleyball, whatever you feel like playing.

2nd stop: DAKU ISLAND

It’s about to rain
Can’t get enough of Aventino’s Pizza

It’s a much larger island with cottage’s you can rent and hammocks! You can order food or if you brought some uncooked foods they can cook it for you for 200 pesos ($4), they have some fresh coconut juice which you can get for 50 pesos ($1). Most tourists stop here for lunch and take a break from island hopping.

3rd stop: GUYAM ISLAND

Large bathtubs

It has the same classifications with Daku Island but it has some small rock pools you can chill in. We only stayed there for 20 minutes then we headed back to our resort.

Adventure of a lifetime


It’ll take 40 minutes to one hour to get to Pilar from General Luna. It’s quite far and we were a little tired from surfing and island hopping, but getting there was one of my personal favorites, being able to see a land surrounded by trees without any houses or building at the top is a wonderful thing to see and an amazing thing to feel.

Jump in!
Princess Leia
Salty pool
Take a stroll

We have to pay 50 pesos ($1) for the entrance fee in Magpupungko. We thought that there were only a few people who visit there since it was a little far from the other tourist spots but when we arrive, there’s literally hundreds of tourist with us. There’s a few shops and restaurants at the entrance and a beach on the other side. There is a couple of rock pools so you can transfer from time to time, aside from the blue rock pools you can see a large rock formation that looks a little bit like Princess Leia from Star Wars. Don’t stay at one place where the most tourist is, go further and explore the area, there’s a lot to see. After a few hours of swimming and exploring Magpupungko we headed back and had dinner.

Day 3
Sugba Lagoon

We packed our bags and ate breakfast after that we checked out of resort and head to Sugba Lagoon, we have a special piece for it so check it out here.

El Nido? Nope, Siargao.

After having a blast in Sugba Lagoon we headed directly back to the port. It was a fun and delightful three days in Siargao and we would love to visit it again.


Accommodation: Php 3,600/a night = 7,200

Use of the Kitchen: Php 200

Food: Php 4,000/ 3 days

Island Hopping: Php 2,000

Sugba Lagoon: Php 1,800

Entrance Fee’s: Php 700

Paddle Board and Life Jacket: Php 350

Getting around: Php 5,000

Siargao to Cagayan De Oro vice versa = Php 1,300 each


Cagayan De Oro to Butuan: Php 220 each

Butuan to Surigao Del Norte: Php 180 each

Surigao Del Norte to Siargao Island: Php 250 each


Total = 30,350/7 = 4,335 pesos each


  • Rent a motorbike to explore the place, it’s much cheaper and more fun, it cost around 500 pesos ($10) or less. None of us have a driver’s license so we spent more on getting around.
  • Always try to get a bargain if you’re not renting a motorbike, a lot of drivers will try to charge you a lot more, be wise.
  • If you want to save money on foods bring some snacks and noodles or canned goods, or you can just buy fresh fishes in the market and cook it yourself only if it’s allowed in your hotel or resort.

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