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Sugba Lagoon: Siargao’s Hidden Gem


Sugba Lagoon is located at Del Carmen, around 45mins to 1 hour away from General Luna, you can rent a bike or book a van to take you to the port where you can get a boat to take you to the lagoon. These past few months Siargao’s tourism rises so be early if you can. After arriving write your name in their log book and pay 50 pesos ($1) for local tourist and 100 pesos ($2) for foreign tourist, they’ll hand you a priority number and you’ll just have to wait until they’ll call you, it’ll take half an hour of waiting depending on how many people are there, but expect a lot.


There’s not much to do while waiting so keep yourself pre-occupied by looking around the place, they have a few paintings made by a local artist and a large crocodile bone on display, they also have a miniature presentation of the island containing its municipalities and their plans. If you are hungry, you can go out and eat in the restaurant or visit the souvenir shop and buy some souvenirs for friends and family at home.

You can choose between three tours, the most common is Tour A.

Tour A – Sugba Lagoon
Boat – Php1,600 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 8 guest

Tour B – Sugba Lagoon & Kawhagan Sand Bar

Boat – Php2,000 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 8 guest

Tour C – Sugba Lagoon, Kawhagan Sand Bar & Mangrove View Deck
Boat – Php2,600 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 8 guest


While heading to the lagoon you can get the best views of the mangroves and the sea, it’s beautiful and you can feel the nature. There are 8,620 hectares of mangroves surrounding the area, that’s a lot! There’s a couple of houses and villages that live in some of the islands. It took us 15 — 20 minutes from the port to the lagoon.

Small villages
Island life

We were greeted with a sign Welcome to Sugba Lagoon, and a few turns after we saw these massive landscape surrounding a crystal blue water and a house.



The water is so clear, you can see the fishes and rocks underneath. You can rent a paddle board for 300 pesos ($6) and life jacket for 50 pesos ($1). For non-swimmers and kids you need to rent or bring a life jacket, the water is too deep. Explore the stunning lagoon with your paddle board, there’s a bamboo raft you can get on and pull back to the house or in a much farther area. There’s a restricted area in the lagoon where people got hurt because of some sharp rocks so don’t go there, there’s not much to do there aside from swimming, diving and admiring this amazing place, but this is one of the best places to visit in Siargao, make sure to check it out.

This place is calling you.

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